Weddings + Portraits


We are more than willing to travel for engagement sessions depending on the location! We actually love it when our couples ask us to photograph them in a location that means something special to them! We book engagement sessions 2-6 months in advance and 30 miles of travel are included.

Destination & Out of State Weddings

We capture weddings all over the state of Indiana as well as at wedding venues and private locations world wide! Destination/out of state/international weddings are some of our favorites because we love a good adventure!  If you are local to us, you are welcome to schedule an engagement session with us. If you are not local, we will block out some time while we are traveling with you so we can adventure and get some fun shots of you two taking in this beautiful location!

Some areas outside of Indiana that we cater to with lower travel rates are in/around these locations:
Charleston, SC | Seattle, WA | Steamboat Springs, CO | Houston, TX | Cincinnati, OH | Oahu, HI | Most parts of Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky and Florida

Digital Files

We average 50-100 images per hour that we shoot. We select the best digital images and edit them in both color as well as black and white. Any film scans we receive back will be uploaded to the gallery in the format and coloration they were captured in. We love delivering our client’s files quickly and easily via an online gallery. You will have the ability to print, share and download your images as much as you want. We believe in freely sharing our work because that is what we would want if we were in your shoes! We only ask that you and your friends/family credit us when sharing images on social media.


We are happy to help you draw out a rough timeline that will give us an idea of how many hours you definitely need. Our main goal right now is securing and saving your date so that you don't lose the spot to another couple. We can always add additional coverage as we get closer to the big day and we have a better idea of your finalized timeline. Wedding days are blocked off from all other sessions so we are available for additional time day of just in case.

Our Shooting Style

We love being both interactive and discreet throughout the wedding day. There will be parts of the wedding day when we will need to be in control in order to accomplish everything that needs to be done while staying on schedule. There will also be moments when you won't even notice that we are there. We teach our couples how to pose, model and interact during their engagement session so they are naturals on the wedding day and don’t need quite as much instruction from us! We always love utilizing the venue you have chosen so we will make sure your personal couple portraits are unique!

We can describe our style in three simple words: DreamyRomanticTimeless. Dreamy because we capture our work in a very light and airy fashion. While we still love a moody shot every now and then, our main work consistency conveys a dream-like charm. Romantic because we love having our clients interact with one another in a more candid fashion while they are posed in an intimate stance. The knowing smiles and scrunched noses from giddy giggles are our favorite element to capture. Timeless because our work is classic and elegant, two things that will stay in style for eternity. We love shooting film photography as well as digital photography so we do our best to match our digital work to our film work. Film is timeless, with it's soft coloration and beautiful textures, emulating the essence of forever.


Once we have answered any questions you may have and you have decided that our Wedding Experience is exactly what you’re looking for on your wedding day, the next steps are quick and easy. We will send you an email with a link to our virtual contract as well as a separate email from Square with the link to pay your 50% deposit. The final payment will be due no later than one month prior to the wedding date. As for how soon you should book with us, we recommend booking ASAP so that your date does not get booked by someone else. Even if you are years away from your wedding day, we cannot stress enough the importance of solidifying us as your photographers sooner rather than later.

Portrait sessions should be scheduled at least two months prior to when you need your images delivered just in case of high volume editing times. Our standard editing length for portraits is 6-8 weeks in peak season (April-December). This is not to say you could not receive your gallery earlier, but we like our clients to be prepared prior to booking. A preview blog post is shared within the week following the portrait session or wedding. We are happy to send our clients high resolution images from their preview if images are needed as soon as possible for cards, announcements, gifts, etc. If you are looking to hold a last minute session or need images quickly for a specific reason (birthday gift, etc), please let us know prior to booking so we can check to see if we can accommodate your "rush" request.