Dreamy. Romantic. Timeless.

We believe in soul mates and dancing in the rain.

We believe that the best spots on Earth are where the sea kisses the sky.

We believe that every love story is unique and deserves to be told.

Meet Katerina & Michael→


Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

We want to be a part of your journey.

From the start of your love story to your little bambinos, we want to capture it all for you.

Once you book your first session with us, you are a part of our family for life.


Destination Weddings

We LOVE to travel, especially for destination weddings. Our own wedding was a destination wedding on the beaches of Sanibel Island, FL. Whether the wedding you are planning is in the states or overseas, we are happy to capture your love story.

Indiana Weddings

Indiana is my home state and one Michael has come to love as well. Indiana weddings are more than just another wedding day to us, they are an opportunity to see more of our backyard. We love shooting at new locations because it gives us a chance to get even more creative.

Engagement & Couples

Show off that ring, snag some stunning shots for your Save the Date's and prepare for an awesome and relaxed photography session. Our posing style is very candid and natural, playing off of your emotions and love for one another. We will make you laugh and kiss in front of our lenses because PDA is A-OK with us.


Boudoir sessions are the perfect way to feel beautiful in your body. Most of my boudoir clients are brides that want to create something unique for their gift to their groom. A handful of my boudoir clients are also significant others to military members that are overseas. The rest love utilizing this session for gifts to their significant other or themselves.

Trash the Dress & Bridals

A session for the bride who is looking to get some extra time in that stunning wedding dress or decided to buy an additional bridal outfit she'd like to be photographed in.


There is no better way to commemorate an anniversary than with a photography session. Our most popular anniversary sessions are the first wedding anniversary or monumental years but we do have some clients that choose to capture their love each year so they can look back on each year as they grow old together.

Announcements & Reveals

No joy can be beat quite like that of a couple of lovebirds welcoming an addition to their life. All maternities are little miracles that deserve to be treated as such. Having a session to announce your pregnancy and/or the gender of you unborn baby helps add to the excitement of what lies ahead.


There is nothing better than capturing that mommy glow while you grow this amazing being inside you. Maternity photos are what you will look back on with your child when they are older. They are the images they will cherish because they get to experience what you experienced before they joined the world.


Itty bitty babies that come into my studio leave me smiling the rest of the day. I love using natural posing and playing off of what the baby is most comfortable doing during newborn sessions. They lead me through the session as I capture their funny facial expressions and delicate features.

Monumental Months

The first year of life is so special to capture because babies change so much each day. I love capturing 3, 6, 9 and 12 month sessions after newborns begin to grow. Seeing their personalities come out as they get bigger always brings me so much joy. Once they start sitting up, crawling and waddling around, watch out! We are about to have a super fun time!


We got our start in photography by shooting family sessions and we still love them to this day. Watching family members interact with each other makes for the best family portraits because they truly commemorate the real relationships. Giggles are welcome at all of our sessions.

Editorial & Product

As much as we love capturing real love stories, we are always happy to capture beautiful products or stylized shoots for publications and other companies. We are available to travel for stylized photoshoots. Product photography can be done in-studio or we can travel to your location if needed.