Husband & Wife Wedding Photography Fine Art Team Based in Carmel, IN

Meet   theFosters

Quick Facts:

  • Husband & Wife Wedding Photography Team
  • Mentors to Up and Coming Photographers
  • Love to Travel & Drink Coffee
  • Available for Destination & International Weddings and Portraits
  • Parents to a Little Bunny Girl with a Mustache

It all started when...

Michael and Katerina met during the summer of 2013, as they were about to enter their senior year of college at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, IN. The two were smitten as soon as they met. They spent hours chatting on the patio of the Ballyhoo--about their lives, dreams and more. Soon after their meeting, they began to date and fell deeply in love with one another. Both had wondered who the person they were meant to end up with would be like and couldn't believe they were standing before them, finally. Their relationship is strongly based on laughter, trust, loyalty, adventure and dreaming. The two never fail to laugh together daily, usually at each other. They trust in and loyally support each other. They dream together each day, creating new ideas and plans to help broaden their adventures.

As Michael worked toward his Criminal Justice degree, Katerina was attempting to balance a double disciplinary focus on both 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Art as well as a minor in Art History. Between Kat's weekly mandatory studio hours and Mike's job and internship, the two found it difficult to make time for one another. So, they decided to merge Kat's studio time with their free time together. Michael began coming into the studio with Kat after hours as she worked on her artwork. Whenever he joined her in the photography studio, he found himself asking her questions regarding the process. Soon enough, he had grown a passion for photography right alongside her.

An orange cat, a proposal in front of the Robert Indiana "LOVE" statue at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, a graduation day and a dreamy destination wedding on Sanibel Island, FL turned into their love story. The two happily reside in Noblesville, IN although their hearts yearn to be beside the crashing waves. They are two passionate individuals that love adventure and pushing their creativity further through new scenery and details. For this reason, weddings are their absolute favorite to photograph. The two are the perfect match when it comes to capturing a special day. They can read each other like a book, which makes it easy for them to communicate through little looks and hand gestures from across a room.

Since they love traveling, they offer special rates for locations on their photography "bucket list" and have their passports ready for any couple wanting to take their love story on a journey like no other.

Fine Art Film Photographer based in Carmel, IN

A little bit about Kat...

Kat is a vivacious and outgoing individual with a love for people and animals. She was an avid volunteer at the local humane society (where she and Mike had their first date!) throughout college and took their sweet orange fur baby in off the streets of Terre Haute during a dangerous storm. He has been a mama's boy ever since! She loves to get to know her couples on a friend-level prior to a wedding day so that the couple feels at ease with her and so she can know what little things to keep an eye out for that embody them and their relationship. On a wedding day, Kat looks for everything from the small smile hidden beneath a veil to the smallest detail added to the decor. Her wedding work is mainly candid while she still takes a good amount of time for portraiture and detail shots. She loves following other film and digital photographers to continue to broaden her inspiration and creativity spectrums. Recently, she has begun mentoring up-and-coming hobby photographers on how to start their own successful photography businesses.

Kat's Favorite Things:

  • Knitting, Drawing & Painting
  • Reading & Writing
  • Singing & Dancing
  • Coffee & Tea
  • New Adventures & Old Traditions

Kat's Favorite Destinations: Beach weddings in Florida! Sand, sun and water add such magic to portraits! I love experiencing new locations because it is something new and different that we haven't had the chance to capture before.

Kat's Dream Destinations: Pretty much anywhere overseas! I love seeing wedding work from locations like Italy, Iceland, Ireland, England, Australia, Spain, Greece, etc! The open spaces are breathtaking while the architecture is unlike anything I've ever seen before.

Katerina & Michael Foster - Husband and wife wedding photography team based in Carmel, IN

A little bit about Mike...

Mike is a kind-hearted guy that looks shy on the outside but is a bucket of laughs on the inside. He lightens up the lives of those around him with his big smile and quick jokes. He is a dreamer, just like Kat, and is always talking about the goals he can't wait to accomplish. Originally from Michigan, he moved to Tennessee when he was in high school and moved to Indiana when he transferred schools his junior year of college. When he isn't working or shooting a wedding with Kat, you can find him on the soccer field or kicking back to watch an intense matchup on the television. He dreams of visiting London and various other parts of England. Like Kat, he has an immense desire to see the world before they settle down fully. On a typical wedding day, Michael will be shadowing the groom while Kat is with the bride. He loves having a good laugh with the guys while still keeping them aware of the timeline. He will be a fly on the wall, capturing the day as it unfolds around him. Michael is best known for his candid, photo-journalistic shooting style and attention to detail. He also captures love stories in motion for the lovers looking for a little something extra to add to their special memories.

Mike's Favorite Things:

  • Playing & Watching Soccer
  • Fishing
  • Coffee
  • Dreaming of His Next Car
  • New Adventures

Mike's Favorite Destinations: Just like Kat, I absolutely LOVE destination weddings, especially on the beaches of Florida! We always have a blast with our clients when we travel because we take time to hang out and adventure.
Mike's Dream Destinations: I've always wanted to visit England (not just because of my love for soccer) so I can't imagine anything more fun than capturing a wedding in London or on the English countryside!


A little bit about working with Kat & Mike...

They love simplicity and finding the beauty in their surroundings. This is why natural lighting is the key to their pure, light and airy work. They capture their clients through naturalistic posing techniques so they do not feel stiff or awkward in front of the camera and so they can focus on each other on the best day of their lives. In their bags you will find traditional film cameras as well as the latest digital gear from Nikon. Kat is an over-packer so there is always extra batteries, SD cards, lens cloths, bandaids, rain bags and more.

An initial get-to-know-you meeting is typically held prior to booking. Kat and Mike like to get to know their potential clients to make sure it is a good fit for both parties. At this meeting, you will discuss everything from a rough timeline to your hopes and dreams for your special day. The initial meeting typically lasts about an hour but, as we all know, time flies when you're having fun! Once you have decided that it is time to check the most important box off your list, a contract and invoice for a 50% retainer fee is collected to secure the date. After both have been collected, you can officially do your most embarrassing excited dance because you will officially be a #KatMarieBride!

Then, the fun begins! You will schedule your complimentary engagement session and begin planning out all the details--with Kat's help, of course! After the engagement session, you will be on cloud nine, sharing your images with loved ones and sending out save the dates. You will stay in contact with Kat throughout the months leading up to the wedding--she is there to chat with you about ideas and listen to you vent about your stresses. She is happy to be your confidante. A month prior to the wedding day, you will hold your final planning meeting where a finalized timeline will be completed.

Before you know it, your wedding day will arrive! All those plans will be falling into place right before your very eyes and these two will be capturing every detail and moment happening around them. Kat will help fix your dress, adjust your posing during portraits and so much more throughout the day. She is very hands on determined to make sure you look your very best.

After the "I do's" have been exchanged, the cake has been eaten and the getaway driver whisks you away, your day will become a dream-like memory. To ease this reverie, the couple will post a special preview of images from your special day on their blog for you to enjoy until the rest of your gallery is completed. Once the editing has come to an end, Kat will upload all of the color and black & white images to a beautiful online gallery that can be shared with loved ones as well as saved to your computer through a high resolution download PIN. Their couples love sitting down with them to view their final gallery and to look through a la carte items in person! The two are happy to host the newlyweds at their home for this special occasion.

Kat and Mike love working with their clients after their wedding days and hold them as priority clients since they are already a part of the Katerina Marie family. They have been fortunate enough to capture pregnancies, babies, anniversaries and more for their wedding clients and always look forward to reuniting with friendly faces.

*Since they only book a select number of weddings per year, their calendar fills up fast. It is highly recommended to contact them early to schedule a coffee or FaceTime/Skype date to discuss the special details of your wedding day. Katerina Marie Brides typically book with them 6-12 months in advance.