Wild Magnolias


A Community of Dreamers

Whether you are just joining the photography industry or a seasoned pro, you are welcome here. Together, we will guide each other through the highs and lows of owning a business. We will inspire each other to be their best versions of themselves and to do their best work. This is a safe place to grow.


It all started when...

Kat has been an active member of numerous "community over competition" groups, offering guidance when asked and helping boost others up. She found that when she asked for assistance, she rarely received any responses. By putting in so much effort, she hoped to get a little bit back when needed. That is when Wild Magnolias bloomed. Kat created a community, without strict guidelines, where her and her friends could grow in their businesses as well as blossom new friendships.

You are invited to join this community of dreamers that are ready to shake the ground with their big ideas. You are welcome here, no matter your profession or knowledge level.


Become a part of the community...

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Destination Wedding Photographer

We are Katerina & Michael Foster, a husband and wife destination wedding photography team based in the Midwest! Want to learn more about us and our work? Follow us on social media!


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